Camps Association Asks Sullivan County Not to Ban Camps

Camps Association Asks Sullivan County Not to Ban Camps

Respected Representatives,

We hope all is well with you and your families.  We hope that we can together overcome this terrible challenge.

 We are writing you to request that Sullivan County representatives understand the overnight camp plans for operation this summer, and not send a letter to Governor Cuomo requesting that overnight camps not be allowed to operate in Sullivan County this summer. Camps will be run differently this summer. We are interested in the safety and welfare of all our campers and staff, and plan to run camp completely differently this summer. As can be seen from the attached DRAFT guidelines, each and every camper and staff member will be tested prior to their coming to camp. Once in camp, we will enforce a full and complete lockdown in addition to implementing a regimen of well checks in our daily schedule:     • No out-of-camp trips • No visiting day • Staff will not be permitted to leave camp on their day off

 Overnight camps are unique in that we CAN enforce a full and total lockdown. Additionally, we will not have any dual use facility - AJCO overnight camps that have a day camp are seriously considering canceling their day camps for this summer. 

 Many of the campers and staff that are in our camps have families with second homes or bungalows. If there is no sleep away camp, there will be thousands of youth with unstructured time on their hands roaming the Catskills. 

 If, G-d forbid, there is any kind of COVID19 outbreak, local health facilities will not be overwhelmed. Hatzoloh group has assured county leaders that they will transport the ill to city hospitals (which are currently well below capacity and dropping daily). Camps, traditionally, pump many millions of dollars into the local economy. We love Sullivan County and see ourselves as partners in an economically viable and safe environment. We implore you to write a letter to the governor telling him that you welcome overnight camps with open arms!

 Please review the attached DRAFT Overnight Camp Protocols. Sincerely,

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