Chaim Blumenfeld Heartwarming Chusen’s Tish, Volume I

Filled with emotion and holiness as a new yiddishe home is about to be created, the chusen’s tish is an experience like no other.  In Chusen’s Tish, Volume I, Chaim Blumenfeld captures those moments with a heartwarming selection of songs that touch the heart and radiate pure simcha.


Nigun Rishon

Lirois Bonim – composed and performed by Yanky Daskal

Midas Harachamim – composed and performed by Meir Adler, featuring Malchus Choir

Bnei Heichala – composed by Hershi Weinberger, featuring Shmueli Ungar


Conducted by Asher Ringel

Live sound by Double U Sound

Audio mix by Efraim Berkowitz

Video by Motty Engel

Video editing by Platinum Edit


Keyboard -Asher Ringel

Guitar - Zalmy Shtekel 

Saxophone and flute - Chesky Hershkovitz 

Percussion and backup vocals - Meir Leffler 

Clarinet - Yonoson Josef 

Violin - Akiva Wax 

BDE: Mrs. Mindel Saltzberg, a”h, Longtime Mechaneches
  • Sep 11 2022
  • |
  • 10:51 AM

BDE: R' Zalman Leib Rosenfeld, a"h.
  • Sep 10 2022
  • |
  • 10:01 PM

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