Chesed Fund setup for the Jungries family.

Chesed Fund setup for the Jungries family.

Help out the Jungries family in time of crisis:

For many years, Rebbetzin Toiba Jungreis was the main breadwinner in her house. She juggled the responsibilities of caring for her growing family and paying the bills in order to allow her husband, the Tchenger rebbe of Boro Park, pursue a life of spreading Torah and of avodas Hashem.

The vicissitudes of the coronavirus, however, came down hard on the esteemed Jungreis family. The rebbetzin, the backbone of the family, was abruptly taken away on the second day of Chol Hamoed, during the worst of the pandemic. She had been suffering for awhile with the debilitating ALS disease, requiring the family to expend enormous sums for her support and medical expenses.

Her husband, Rav Asher Anshil shlita, is a quiet but strong influence on his kehillah. He has been known since his youth as a holy man, a gaon and tzaddik who is dedicated to his shiurim and yiras shamayim.

Nothing in the rebbe's life has swayed him from this single-minded focus, not even when he lost one child, and then another. When the dreaded ALS diagnosis came, he and his children mustered an extraordinary reservoir of strength to be a bulwark of support for their mother and to keep themselves strong at the same time. The household was totally restructured to ease her pain and suffering.

But now, the rebbe and his children face their biggest test yet. How will they remain a solid unit when the glue that kept them together is no longer with them? How will the rebbe raise his young children while simultaneously worrying about tuition, utility bills and other expenses? How will he marry off his children when still burdened by crushing medical debts arising from years of caring for his rebbetzin?

We must not let this latest tragedy bring him down! We cannot allow the passing of the rebbetzin undo decades of her work to build up a bayis ne'eman b'Yisroel!

You will be the family's savior!

We established a goal of raising $500,000, which askanim estimate is the amount needed to put the Jungreis family on a firm financial footing.

The rebbe is a namesake and successor to the holy Menuchas Asher of Tchenger zt"l, who was renowned for his brachos on behalf of the sick and needy. He will surely be there for those who help his descendant during his direst hour.

May all the generous donors who help the rebbe and his family overcome these challenges be blessed with all types of brachos and yeshuos.

Link to Donate:

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