Chief Jeffrey Maddrey Promoted to Serve as NYPD’s Acting Chief of Department

Chief Jeffrey Maddrey Promoted to Serve as NYPD’s Acting Chief of Department

By Yehudit Garmaise

NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, who currently serves as the chief of patrol, has been promoted to serve as the acting chief of department, as per an order that Commissioner Keechant Sewell distributed to all NYPD commands on Wednesday morning.

Maddrey, who is moving to his third reassignment since Mayor Eric Adams took office a year ago, will now be taking over for Chief Ken Corey, who retired just before marking his first year in the position as the NYPD’s highest-ranked uniformed officer.

While Sewell has not named Maddrey to permanently fill the open post as the NYPD’s highest-ranked uniformed officer, police sources say that he has a shot at landing what is one of the most public-facing spots on the force.

In July 2021, when the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) honored NYPD Inspector Richie Taylor, Chief Maddrey, who worked with Taylor in Community Affairs, made sure to attend the event and show his support. 

Six months later, when Taylor was promoted to full inspector from deputy inspector, he was sure to thank Chief Maddrey, whom Taylor called, “a true mentor.”

“I have learned from Chief Maddrey that every day, as police officers, we have the blessing to give: our time, our resources, our advice, and our presence,” Taylor told BoroPark24 at the time. “We should always remember what a blessing it is to be a giver.”

When asked whether Taylor still feels the same way about the NYPD’s newest acting chief of department, Taylor said that his warm sentiments about Maddrey were “even more true now after working with him more closely for a year.”

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