Citi Bike Hikes Prices In NYC

Citi Bike Hikes Prices In NYC

By Idy Perl

Bikes are becoming more expensive in New York City. 

The second price hike this year for Citi Bike is going into effect today. Citi Bike is blaming the increase on higher than expected maintenance and insurance costs as use of ebikes become more popular, causing many bikes to need new batteries. Citi Bike is working to install more charging stations to reduce the need for new batteries. 

The Single Day Pass and annual and monthly memberships are staying the same, and the following prices are changing:

Ebike fees will increase to $0.24 per minute.

Overage fees (classic and ebike) will increase to $0.24 per minute.

The cap for ebike rides 45 minutes or less that enter or exit Manhattan will increase to $4.80 (all other ebike rides are $0.24 per minute and uncapped).

Single rides and day passes for non-members will increase to $0.36 per minute.

Additional price changes for Bike Share Members and Lyft Pink access can be seen on the Citi Bike website 

And here we thought that city officials wanted to encourage biking to reduce emissions and congestion... 

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