Citi Bike Rolls out Sleek New E-Bikes: with Audio GPS and Faster Acceleration

Citi Bike Rolls out Sleek New E-Bikes: with Audio GPS and Faster Acceleration

By Yehudit Garmaise

Citi Bike is helping New Yorkers get around, starting May 5, with a sample of new electric bikes that do not just provide better acceleration and a sleek new style, but with audio GPS systems.

Today, Citi Bike will unveil the new bikes, which sport a sleek design and gray paint, instead of the signature blue of the 5,000 Citi Bikes that were added three years ago to supplement Citi Bike’s 20,000 pedal-powered bikes in NYC.

Although in 2019, Citi Bike pulled its first electric bikes, which had faulty brakes, from the streets after several cyclists ended up in the hospital, the company rolled out safer e-bikes in February 2020.

The brakes of the new models are reportedly even more improved, and between charges, the new e-bikes’ batteries now run for 60 miles, instead of the 25 miles after which the old batteries died.

The new rides cap their speeds at 20 mph, however, the new electric bikes accelerate much more quickly than the older bikes.

The new bikes also come equipped with audio GPS and LED screens that provides audio instructions that explain how to take the bikes in and out of docks.

While only Citi Bike members will be able to unlock the new bikes this spring and summer, New Yorkers who are not Citi Bike members can unlock the new electric bikes by automatically signing up for 14-day membership trials.

Riders who do not opt out of the trial membership within two weeks will automatically be charged $185 per year to become Citi Bike members.

By the fall, however, the mandatory membership trip will be over, and all New Yorkers will be able to easily unlock the 1,400 new Citi Bikes that will hit the streets.

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