City Installs Solar Panels in Firehouses in Brooklyn

City Installs Solar Panels in Firehouses in Brooklyn

BoroPark24 Staff

Local firehouses are now using solar power after the City's $2.4 million project resulted in the installation of solar panels at six firehouses in both Brooklyn and Queens. 

The new solar panels will generate a percentage of each fire station's electricity. The amount generated depends on the number of panels and the size of the firehouse. The battery storage system, installed at the same time, will allow for the storage of up to eight hours worth of power for each location in case of blackouts. This will be enough electricity to power critical loads, including roll-up doors and communications systems. The eight hours will be extended if it is a sunny day, allowing the solar panels to keep generating electricity so it will last even longer.

According to Brooklyn Paper, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services says the three Brooklyn stations were selected due to power outages they recently suffered.

photo credit: Flickr

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