Construction for New Bobov Boys' School Brings Massive, One-of-a-Kind Crane to Boro Park

The new Bobov boys’ school that will be located on 36th Street, near 14th Avenue, has broken ground to start construction on a building that is planned to provide the home for one of the largest yeshivas in the world.

Boro Park has not yet seen the scale of the impressive construction equipment that is necessary for such a large building project to first dig down into the ground, before building a sturdy foundation for the cheder.

In fact, the cheder’s building will be so large that an oversized, one-of-a-kind crane that reaches hundreds of feet into the air was necessary to lower, into open space of the construction site, smaller pieces of equipment that will gently deposit the beams for the cheder’s two underground levels.

From the foundation and the two underground levels, the building is planned to touch the heavens: ascending nine stories high.

Photo credit, Achim Lenchevsky 

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