Culinary Corner: Quick and Easy Cookie Cheesecake

Culinary Corner: Quick and Easy Cookie Cheesecake

By Yehudit Garmaise


24 chocolate sandwich cookies (I used Bloomeo’s)

3 T. butter, melted in microwave

2 containers of cream cheese, 8 ounces each

2/3 c. milk or soy milk

¾ c. sugar

1 t. vanilla

3 eggs


Preheat oven to 350’.

Place 16 cookies in a resealable bag, close the bag, and use a rolling pin to crush the cookies as finely as possible.

Put the cookie crumbs in a bowl, pour in the melted butter, and stir a little. Then, use your hands to put the mixture on the bottom of a round ceramic or glass pan as the crust.

Then, use an electric hand mixer or immersion blender to beat the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. Then, add the eggs one at a time: until just blended, and no more.

Then grab several cookies, crumble them in your hands, and stir them into the cream cheese mixture.

Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the crust and decorate the top of the cake with cookies. 350’ for 45 minutes, and then refrigerate at least three hours or overnight.

Serve with strawberries.

Enjoy! Gut Yom Tov! 

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