Cuomo Encourages Census Participation While Not Releasing Outreach Funds

Cuomo Encourages Census Participation While Not Releasing Outreach Funds

In response to the federal government cutting Census responses a month short, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted today reminding people to respond to the Census.

This is not the first attempt by the Governor to get people to respond to the Census - earlier in the year an initial plan was launched on January 23 at a conference at the Javits Center and he re-launched a new plan on July 28 via a press release and statement.

However, the Governor and State have yet to release any funding to encourage census participation. In a year when most people around the state are staying home and taking precautions against COVID-19, the usual door knocking by the US Census Bureau has not had the normal effective response.

This lack of state funding reminding New Yorkers to respond to the census is obvious in the numbers as well. According to CUNY, 58.7% of New Yorkers statewide have responded to the census while 63.0% nationwide have responded.

Should New Yorkers continue to not respond to the Census, the state and localities will lose significant representation in Washington D.C. as well as lose out on funding for federal programs that are population dependent.

Locally in Assembly District 48 which covers Boro Park and Midwood, the response rate is a measly 46.5% despite local organizations like the Boro Park JCC, COJO of Flatbush, and Belz receiving combined tens of thousands of dollars from New York City to encourage responses.

Courtesy: Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo/Flickr

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