Dee Voch Releases MEGA Yom Tov Package for Sukkos

Dee Voch Releases MEGA Yom Tov Package for Sukkos

It is a phenomenon that the Yiddish-speaking community (and many outside of it) has come to expect before the big Yomim Tovim: the Dee Voch magazine, which has been growing by leaps and bounds around the world, MEGA Yom Tov issue.

Readers of Dee Voch—which has taken the #1 spot in Yiddish magazine world—are inspired and informed each and every week with heartwarming glimpses into the courts of Admorim, Rabbonim, and Roshei Yeshiva around the world, conversations with newsmakers and Klal workers, and fascinating features across every genre. There is something for everyone, of every age, in the magazine, which comes with three parts, geared to men, women, and children.

This Sukkos, Dee Voch has outdone itself once again, with over 700 pages of riveting content. .

From glimpses into the Rosh Hashanah happenings around the world, to the fascinating features… this is a literary feast sure to inspire the readers throughout Yom Tov, if they can get through the magazine in such a short time.

One feature takes the reader into a “conversation with the Rebbe…” in which snippets of conversations with Rebbes, as featured in newspapers throughout the years are featured; profiles of fathers of Admorim; glimpses into the inner sanctums of a number of Admorim this year; a diary of one day spent in Somalia; 9/11 20 years later; an interview with the legendary Maggid, Rabbi Eisenberg; nostalgic photo diaries; a year in review by the aleph-bais… and this is only the adult Shrift!

The children’s “kindershrift” is likewise a mega version… with riveting features geared to children. Each feature is accompanied with rich images, making the reading so much more enjoyable.. .

Issues are flying off the shelves, and readers are encouraged to grab their copies while they last—enhancing their simchas Yom Tov with delightful content.

Subscriptions to Dee Voch are available at, enabling readers to receive the weekly treasure to their door, at a cheaper price than the newsstands.

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