Dzikov-Viznitz and Boyaner Communities to Welcome new Sifrei Torah Today

Dzikov-Viznitz and Boyaner Communities to Welcome new Sifrei Torah Today

Another Sunday, and multiple new Sifrei Torah are being inaugurated in two Shuls at two areas in Boro Park.

Reb Chaim Dovid Elimelech Fischman remains a legend within the Boyaner chassidus. Hailing from Yerushalayim, he came to American many years ago, and was one of the founders of the kehillah on these shores, and a devoted chossid to the Boyaner Rebbes. His children have continued his legacy in building and nurturing the chassidus in Boro Park, and around the world.

Today, his son, Reb Aryeh Mordechai Fischman, along with his children, will be donating a sefer Torah l’iluy nishmas their parents to the Boyaner Kloiz.

The procession will be leavin the home of his brother, Reb Zev Fischman, on the corner of 14th Avenue and 46t Street at 4:00.

Across town, the Dzikov-Viznitz Kehillah Mincha Chadashah will be dedicating a sefer Torah l’iluy nishmas its unforgettable Rov, Rav Mordechai Adler, the son of Rav Naftuli Chaim Adler, who was the son in law of the Imrei Chaim of Viznitz.

He was tragically taken in a car accident many years ago, but his memory has not faded from among the members of the kehillah all these years alter.

The procession will leave the home of the Rov—the son of the previous Rov, zt”l—1237 48th Street at 4:00, in yet another Sunday afternoon dedicated to the joy of Torah on the streets of Boro Park. 

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