Early Voting Ends at 4pm, Election Day is Tuesday

Early Voting Ends at 4pm, Election Day is Tuesday

     Today is the last day of early voting for New Yorkers to finalize their decisions for the city’s new mayor, public advocate, comptroller, and borough presidents.

     New Yorkers can participate in early voting until 4pm today, and Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

     To join the nearly 135,000 New Yorkers whom the Board of Elections reported already cast their ballots during the first eight days of early voting, voters should check online to determine their polling sites, which may differ from those used in general elections.

     With only days left until New York will choose a new mayor, the hottest issue of the day is vaccine mandate that Mayor Bill de Blasio issued first for the city’s healthcare and education workers, and now the city’s municipal workers, who will be put on unpaid leave tomorrow if they do not get their first vaccination shots today.

     Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, who is wearing a sling, while suffering a fractured arm after he was hit by a cab on Friday while on his way to media interviews, is against the mandates, which he called “incredibly oppressive” and an “insult to essential workers.”

     Democratic candidate Eric Adams thinks that the mayor has a right and a duty to keep the residents of the city safe from a disease that has killed millions.

     “We took an oath of office to protect the city,” said Adams, who is in the lead in the mayoral race, according to polls. “I wore that uniform as a police officer. We were all first responders. Let’s put the people of the city first.”

     Each candidate, who were both out in the streets campaigning yesterday, say that the city will be safer, if he is elected mayor. 

    Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels street patrol group, has many times called for the need for more police and a tougher stance on crime. 

    Adams, who retired as a captain after protecting New Yorkers for 22 years in the NYPD, uses his deep knowledge of and familiarity with the police department to show how he would run it more efficiently.

    For instance, Adams has said many times that the NYPD does not need more officers or more money, but to better utilize the manpower and the funds the department has, while focusing on getting guns and gangs off the streets.

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