ELK Wig Supply Moves into Bigger, Better Location on 13th Avenue

ELK Wig Supply Moves into Bigger, Better Location on 13th Avenue

By Yehudit Garmaise

    ELK Wig Supply, which was formerly called BCL, for Beauty Creations by Leah, was established 18 years ago on 4415 13th Ave., in the heart of Boro Park, before moving a few blocks down for two years to 4706 13th Ave. After the shop, owned by Eli and Leah Kalai, for whom the new store is named, grew in the past few years, the couple has now opened their doors at 4210 13th Ave.

    Mr. Kalai orders merchandise from overseas, and Mrs. Kalai speaks with sheitalmachers and customers, said Mrs. Kalai, explaining how she and her husband enjoy working together.

    “We are excited to bring new items to our store, such as wig boxes, all wig and hair accessories, haircare, and much more,” Mrs. Kalai told BoroPark24. “We sell retail to local customers and wholesale to sheitalmachers and hairstylists in Boro Park, Long Island, Crown Heights, Willamsburg, Flatbush, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, and even Baltimore, Israel, and England. “We have everything for hair and wigs. We offer free deliver for our wholesale customers, our kallahs, and sometimes for individual customers who cannot come into the store.

    “Our friendly staff works closely with kallahs to help them with all of their sheital supply needs.”

     Kallah packages include sheital boxes, foam heads, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray brushes, blow dryers, and curling irons, explained Mrs. Kalai, who added that she is excited about the new space for her shop because it is more spacious, more comfortable, and has more parking.

     Although ELK’s main business is wig supply, the shop sells sewing supplies as well. 

     In addition, customers can come in and get what they need to wash, dry, store, and color their sheitals, which Mrs. Kalai, who previously trained as a beautician, teaches customers to do.

     “We are a dedicated team who works very hard to please our clients,” said Mrs. Kalai. “We are here to provide really excellent service to all of our customers. 

    “Some people tell me that they see the same items in other stores, but they say they come here because we are polite, and we take care of our customers.”

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