BDE: Reb Avraham Abish Wassercug, z”l

BDE: Reb Avraham Abish Wassercug, z”l

    We are saddened to inform the petira of Avraham Abish Wassercug, z”l,  who was 66 years old. 

    Mr. Wassercug, who was respected member of Boro Park's Gerrer kehillah, was dedicated to his passion for raising funds to enable many people to raise ehrlich Yiddish families through his work with Binyan Olam, a fertility organization in Eretz Yisroel.

   “He really went all over the world as he worked to raise funds to help many families through Binyan Olam,” said his nephew, who lives in Boro Park.

   Mr. Wassercug was born in Brooklyn in 1955 to Reb Aryeh Menachem, a”h, and Mrs. Freida Necha Wassercug, a”h, who were Polish and raised their family on 14th Avenue and 54th Street in Boro Park.

  “His father davened in the Gerrer shtiebel on 49th Street,” Mr. Wassercug’s nephew remembered.

   Mr. Wassercug, who lived in Ramat , Israel, for many years, is survived by a son, Mr. Aharon Wassercug, who lives in Yerushaylim and a daughter, Batya, who lives in Monsey.

   “He always had a smile and a gut vort to give chizzuk to everyone he met in every situation,” said Mr. Wassercug’s nephew. “He will be sorely missed by his children, grandchildren and all his many friends.”

   The levaya of Reb Abish Wassercug, z”l, took place at the Shomrei Hadas chapel, and his kvura will take place at Har HaZeisim in Yerushaylim. 

   Yehi Zichro Boruch.

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