Erev Shabbos Fire Destroys Two Homes, Two Injured

Erev Shabbos Fire Destroys Two Homes, Two Injured

Moments before the Zman, Boro Park residents saw plumes of smoke rising from the Boro Park skyline, many helicopters hovering in the air, and emergency services rushing towards the lower streets. 

It all started late Friday afternoon, at 5:42pm, when a fire burst out at 413 East 3rd, near Beverly Ave and Ave C. The fire grew quickly and wild, and moments later the complete house was engulfed in flames.

Within the next 25 minutes, a second house nearby caught fire from the huge flames coming out from the side of the first house. and thus, sadly, two houses were now one big flame h"y.

It took 3 hours and 33 minutes until the FDNY declared control over the fire, while the fire was still burning. At that point it was a 4-alarm fire with a huge emergency response.

Sadly, one Yid, 70-year-old Tova Leah bas Sohpia, was injured and remains in critical condition. Another injury was reported, a firefighter that was injured when the attic collapsed.

This is the third fire in just one week in Boro Park, first on Foster Avenue and then on 47th Street, causing multiple Yiddish families to spend the Purim and following weeks and month without their own roof on their head.

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