EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes Creating Ner Mitzvah Vintage Chanukah Ads

By Yehuda Alter

Chanukah has become almost synonymous with Ner Mitzvah, which offers hundreds of products for menorah lighting—having revolutionized the industry for Chanukah and around the year.

But just as consumers have become accustomed to the convenience and the hidur of the products themselves, the advertising campaign that accompanies the Chanukah season has consumers looking forward to a breathtaking experience of nostalgia and inspiration that spotlights and highlights the products that are used throughout the Yom Tov.

As Chanukah winds down, we spoke with Duvid Weiss, director of marketing at Ner Mitzvah, who reflected on yet another successful season with ads to match.

“The process of selecting the ad themes begins months before the campaign,” said Mr. Weiss. “We know that the public has come to expect quality and nostalgia from us. Everyone is waiting to see what Ner Mitzvah, together with our marketing company KOA Creative Group, has come up with—and we aim to deliver on expectations.”

This year’s theme focused on bayomim haheim bizman hazeh… hearkening back to Chanukah celebrations throughout the ages. In one ad, we see an old Yid celebrating Chanukah together with his grandchildren in the shtetl. It reminds us of how, despite everything we have been through in galus, we continue to celebrate the mitzvos with joy, generation after generation.

Another ad highlights the blessings of celebrating the Yom Tov with our families—and how, despite so many distractions that we have today, Yidden truly sense joy and fervor in fulfilling mitzvos.

“The work that goes into producing these ads is really intense,” Duvid says, “and we really aim to take the transport the consumers into an experience—the experience of authentic Torah and mitzvos that Ner Mitzvah prides itself with.”

“Benny Monheit of KOA Creative Group is a name that people will continue to hear more about,” Duvid says. “His art team really blows us away campaign after campaign, and they go all out in planning every minute detail, from the actors, to the costume and makeup, to the live locations, and the video and photography teams—all to make this a breathtaking experience.”  

Duvid Weiss explains: “Ner Mitzvah is more than just convenient products for mitzvos… it is a celebration of the light and the essence of mitzvos. This is what we strove to communicate in our ads, and this really reflects who we are as a company.”

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