February 2021, Already NYC’s Snowiest Month in Five Years

February 2021, Already NYC’s Snowiest Month in Five Years

      Brooklyn has already seen more than 15 inches of snow in 2021, and we are only half-way through February, making the month the city’s snowiest in five years.

   New York’s snowiest month ever was back in February 2010, when the city was blanketed with 36.9 inches.

    February 2021 might be trying to catch that record, as another snowstorm is expected tonight.

    Although tonight’s storm is not expected to be as large as last week’s, New York City tends to receive it snow “in big clumps” that result from nor’easters, NY1 reported.

    Another feature of nor-easter storms is that they occur every few years. For instance, after almost no snow fell last winter, some parts of the city have seen nearly 20 inches of the white stuff.

    Thanks to Zoom, WhatsApp, and other modern conveniences, most New Yorkers can continue working through any snowfall, no matter how severe.

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