Fruits on 15th — An Alternative to Processed Food

Fruits on 15th — An Alternative to Processed Food

By David  J. Glenn 

What did you have for lunch today?

Pizza? A burger with fries? A frank?

Whatever it was, chances are it was highly processed, not totally healthy fare.

Maybe you've thought of trying one or two days a week having a fresh, no-additives lunch. A good place to find that would be Fruits on 15th.

The store, at 4315 15th Ave., offers an array of fruits (of course), salads, fruit and vegetable platters fine for simchas, and even chocolates.

"It's a family store,"  said Avrumi Trebish, who took it over in 2001 from his uncle. "We sell everything in produce."

Men, women with children, and teens all come into the store, he said. "We have all kinds of customers."

Avrumi will take orders by phone or email, but most customers prefer to visit in person and take in the colors and aromas of the varied produce.

Avrumi's busiest times are before Shabbos and prior to Yom Tovim ( what better to put in a shalach monos than fresh fruit?) and when families get ready for long trips and need to take along healthy snacks.

Some of his customers are from Lakewood and Williamsburg — they've asked him if he has any plans to open another store in either or both areas.

"Not at the moment, " he tells them. 

"But we'll  see."

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