Doll House Grand Opening Celebrates Boro Park Babies

Doll House Grand Opening Celebrates Boro Park Babies

By M.C. Millman

Doll House, a brand-new baby store specializing in newborns through two-year-olds, opened yesterday amid much celebration. 

"We are excited about serving our customers," Doll House founder told BoroPark24. "I look forward to serving each customer and, most of all, getting babies all dolled up."

The new store is built on a solid Boro Park retail sales tradition.

"My grandmother has been in retail the business for years," Doll House's founder shares. "She has a designer boutique on 13th Avenue and 47th Street, Golds, where she sells hats and accessories for adults."

The boutique is hyper-focused on newborns but carries sizes up to two years and includes many of Europe's finest designers in the baby world. Brand names include Michael Kors; Pucci; GH Hurt and Son (the English brand that designs the wardrobes of England's royal babies); Bebe Organic; Add; Nanan; Tocoto Vintage; Teddy and Minou; Les Lutins; Zhoe and Tobiah; Frilo; Lyda Baby; Arsene Et Les Pipelettes; Just Cavali; La Mascot; Bobbin and Tricot; Louis Louis; plus Elys and Co; and more. 

The items come packaged beautifully, and if there is more to include in a purchase, Doll House will do the gift wrapping as well. The store also has gift cards and gifting options. Delivery is coming soon.

"A bubby can come in for a first baby, or even a second or third, and find everything she is going to need for that newborn all under the same roof," the founder says. "There isn't another store in Boro Park that specializes in high-end newborns as exclusively as we do at Doll House."

The store also carries baby accessories, including toys, pacifier clips, swaddles, security blankets, diapers, coats, bunting, snowsuits, blankets, towels, and even dolls.

"We're here to outfit the next generation," Doll House's founder says. 

Visit Doll House in person at 5802 13th Avenue or the Doll House website (coming soon) at For questions, call or Whatsapp 718-559-0155.

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