Gov. Hochuls Calls on Nine States to Team Up to Stop the Flow of Guns from the South

Gov. Hochuls Calls on Nine States to Team Up to Stop the Flow of Guns from the South

By Yehudit Garmaise

Interstate illegal gun trafficking greatly contributes to the crime and violence in New York, data shows, however, to fight it, Gov. Hochul is teaming up with law enforcement leaders from nine northeastern states  to put an end to the constant flow of guns that quickly restores the many guns the New York state police work to remove from the streets.

On Wednesday, 50 law enforcement officials who are serving in a new Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns will gather at the New York State Intelligence Center in East Greenbush to share resources, intelligence, and strategies that will help them to stop the “Iron Pipeline” of illegal guns that flows from the South, many elected officials say.

Although the New York State Police's Criminal Gun Clearinghouse showed that police recovered a total of 1,074 illegal guns last year, preliminary NYPD statistics reveal that 4,473 illegal guns were traced from out-of-state: particularly from southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.  

“There are no gun manufacturers in New York City,” said Mayor Adams on Friday night, shortly after the 22-year old NYPD officer Jason Rivera was killed, and 27-year-old Officer Wilbert Mora continues to fight for his life after he was shot in the head by a shooter involved a domestic dispute in Harlem. “We don’t make guns here.”

In Wednesday’s meeting, representatives of the NYPD, the New York State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will gather with law enforcement officials from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New Hampshire to discuss how they can better work together to staunch the flow of guns up north.

Gov. Hochul’s Task Force on Illegal Guns also will include a partnership between the NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams, who over the weekend said that federal help is also needed to put an end to the nonstop influx of illegals guns.

“Officers have taken thousands of guns off the streets, but they need help,” Mayor Adams said on Friday night after the fifth NYPD officer was shot this month. 

"We have a moral obligation to do everything we can to fight the scourge of illegal guns on our streets," Gov. Hochul said. "Too many lives have been lost because of illegal firearms that should never have been on our streets. By convening law enforcement officials from across the region, we can share intelligence and strategies that stem the flow of illegal guns and keep New Yorkers safe." 

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