Hatzolah calling for everything to be shut down, including shuls, yeshivas, mikvaos, schools, shiurim and public gatherings.

Hatzolah calling for everything to be shut down, including shuls, yeshivas, mikvaos, schools, shiurim and public gatherings.

The coronavirus is actively spreading in our community. There are a significant number of people affected, with many on ventilators in the ICU’s and critically ill. This number keeps growing very quickly. Hatzalah is on the front lines and seeing this first hand.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and can be deadly for the elderly, immunocompromised, or people with certain medical conditions. The virus can be spread by persons who do not exhibit any symptoms! That one person doesn’t seem to have symptoms does not mean he/she is not infecting others. People are unwittingly infecting others!

The Medical Board of Chevra Hatzalah, with the strong endorsement of the Va’ad Horabanim of Chevra Hatzalah, declares that all of the following should be closed immediately and until further notice: All Schools, Yeshivos, Men’s Mikvaos, Shuls, Minyanim, In-person Shiurim, and any Public Gatherings.

People over age 60, or younger people with medical conditions, or who are immunocompromised, MUST stay home! All others must use extreme caution and not do anything that contributes to the spread of the disease.

If you are not feeling well, you must stay home and call your doctor. Hatzalah is available for emergency situations.

By following this mandate, as well as the following tips, we can hopefully contribute to limiting the further deadly consequences of this virus.

 Social distancing is a must! Avoid close contact with people.  Try not to touch your mouth or nose.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based gel.  Use proper cough etiquette, cover your mouth with your sleeve, and cough into your elbow (not into your hands).  No gathering of groups of people, even families.  Weddings should be limited to immediate families only.  Do not go out in public for non-essential errands.  Limit your time in supermarkets and distance yourself from other shoppers.  There should be no playgroups, group babysitting, or playdates.  Work from home, if possible.

We implore you to take this seriously. Failure to do so is Sakanas Nefashos. We are taking this action with tremendous pain and tzaar, but there is no choice. We are sure that Hashem is listening to our tefillos, and we are asking everyone to increase their tefillos to הקב”ה. In this zechus, may we be zoche to return to our shuls, other communal institutions, and our normal lives very soon.


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