Heshy Tischler Arrested Tonight At His Home

  Last night, one hour after Simchas Torah ended, the New York Police Department Warrant Squad took Heshy Tischler, the talk radio host, activist, and potential City Council candidate into custody outside his Boro Park home.

   Tischler was charged with unlawful imprisonment and inciting a riot on Oct. 7 on the streets of Boro Park, according to NYPD News on Twitter. After Tischler briefly argued with police, with whom he had struck a deal to turn himself in on Monday, police escorted Tischler into a dark minivan as many Boro Park residents looked on.

    On Friday before Shabbos, Tischler had announced on Twitter that he would be arrested Monday morning.

   However, police came for Tischler last night after they feared that a large crowd might show up this morning at the 66th precinct when Tischler was to turn in. Last night, crowds did turn up, as expected, at both the Boro Park police station and at 13th Ave. and 41st to protest Tischler’s arrest

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