Hochul Says: NY is “Safe,” Zeldin is “Just Trying to Make People Scared”

Hochul Says: NY is “Safe,” Zeldin is “Just Trying to Make People Scared”

By Yehudit Garmaise

While Boro Parkers usually feel safe moving through the neighborhood, most New Yorkers continue to report that skyrocketing crime tops their list of concerns. Gov. Kathy Hochul and US Rep Lee Zeldin each say that, if elected, she or he will best provide public safety.

With Election Day looming only one week away, Gov. Hochul claims that New York is safe and that Zeldin is merely stoking fears to win the election. 

Many New Yorkers, however, say that the streets that once felt safe, no longer do.

“I feel more afraid than I used to be,” said a Boro Parker who works on 13th Avenue. “It is especially scary to allow children out unsupervised.”

While New Yorkers often feel on edge and fearful, Gov. Hochul said yesterday, “These [Republicans] are master manipulators.

“They have this conspiracy going all across America to try to convince people in Democratic states they’re not safe.

“Well, guess what? [Republicans] are not just election deniers, [but] they’re data deniers.”

“The data shows that murders and shootings in our state are down by 15%, down almost 20% on Long Island, where Lee Zeldin lives.” 

In fact, The NYPD did report a week ago that murders are down by 32%, shootings are down by 21%, and even hate crimes have decreased by 44%, but all types of property crimes have increased dramatically by 41%.

Ever-changing statistics, however, do not provide comfort for New Yorkers who feel more fearful walking through the city or taking the stairs down to the subway.

“The subway has seen a 40% reduction in ridership just because they are scared to ride it,” former District 48 Assemblyman Dov Hikind told BoroPark24. “Hochul just does not get that people are so concerned that crime is literally out of control.”

“Gov. Hochul doesn’t have any plan to deal with what is going on in New York today.”

Hochul has taken measures that she calls, “common sense legislation” to fight crime.

In the past year, Gov. Hochul has attempted to stop the flow of illegal guns into NY from states with less restrictive gun laws, limited where legal guns can be carried in public setting, and issued new requirements for New Yorkers to receive concealed carry permit.

The governor has also invested $25 in grants that protect Jewish institutions from hate crimes, dedicated more than $33 million in federal funding to help nearly 200 Jewish nonprofits to prevent terrorist attacks, and increased the reimbursement cap by $2,000 for victims of hate crimes.

Although Gov. Hochul has not said anything after the state’s Department of Education issued new requirements for yeshivas to provide educations that are “substantially equivalent” to the secular educations that public schools provide, the governor has provided millions of dollars in direct state support for yeshivas in this year’s budget.

For instance, Gov. Hochul invested $300 million in nonpublic schools and increased the budgets of yeshivas by $51 million, which was a 20% increase.

The governor dedicated $195 million for nonpublic school aid and $58 million for instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM subjects).

To protect the safety of children in nonpublic schools, Hochul provided $45 million for yeshivas to buy safety and security equipment to prevent hate crimes and terrorism.

When it comes to crime, however, the small changes to bail reform the governor approved over the summer, Zeldin says were not enough to stop violent criminals from returning again and again to the streets to commit more crimes.

“I would suspend cashless bail,” Zeldin said on 13th Avenue on Sunday. “By rolling back these pro-criminal laws, firing weak DAs who refuse to do their jobs, and supporting our men and women in law enforcement, we will absolutely be taking back our streets and our subways.”

Even some Democratic voters are puzzled by the governor’s claims that Republican states, which have fewer gun restrictions, are the states in which “people are killing each other with more frequency.”

“There are plenty of murder victims [in NYC and other Democratic cities] who would beg to differ if they were alive to speak out,” NY Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy told Spectrum News NY1. “The only ones in denial are Kathy Hochul and the Democrats who are obfuscating and lying to try to cover up the crime crisis that everyone knows they created [with bail reform and other liberal policies.]”

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