Zeldin Takes the Lead Over Hochul According to New Poll

Zeldin Takes the Lead Over Hochul According to New Poll

by M.C. Millman

According to a new statewide survey conducted by KA Consulting, LLC Citizens United, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is closing the gap against Hochul (D) and has even taken the lead in many critical categories.

As per the results shared Sunday of the Citizens United telephone survey of 501 registered, likely voters, for both Zeldin and Hochul are under 50% and separated by one point.

Among unaffiliated voters, Zeldin leads Hochul with 61% of the vote; 26% support Hochul. Zeldin takes the lead among white voters by 2%; Hochul leads among nonwhite voters by 8%. Zeldin is in the lead in two critical regions, Long Island (by 4%) and the Hudson Valley/Upstate New York (by 13%). Zeldin has also achieved 34% in support across the critical five boroughs. Zeldin leads by 14% among men, while Hochul leads by 16% among women.

The conclusion of the survey is that this is indeed a race to the finish for both candidates.

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