HOURS REMAINING: Kimpaturin Aid 25,000 Raffle

HOURS REMAINING: Kimpaturin Aid 25,000 Raffle

In a few hours, one lucky, kindhearted member of Klal Yisroel will be $25,000 richer.

That someone can be you!

Kimpaturin Aid, or Ezer L’Yoldos, is dedicated to the new mothers of Klal Yisroel—many of whom already have homes filled with young children. They are exhausted and overwhelmed—with the weight of an entire family upon their shoulders, leading to burnout, and sadly contributing to postpartum depression in many cases.

Kimpaturin Aid was founded to assist these mothers with the gamut of services; home help, mother’s retreats, meals, moral support, and so many more.

The mothers of Klal Yisroel need our help. Kimpaturin Aid is at the forefront.

Buy your tickets to this $25,000 raffle now, and emerge a winner! 

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