Hundreds of Rabbanim and Dayanim Gather to Learn the Latest Medical Innovations and Relevant Halachah in the Field of Woman’s health

Hundreds of Rabbanim and Dayanim Gather to Learn the Latest Medical Innovations and Relevant Halachah in the Field of Woman’s health

BROOKLYN, NY – An overflowing crowd of rabbanimdayanim, and chassan madrichim participated in asifos in BoroPark and Lakewood last week.

The Boro Park event was chaired by Rav Yitzchok Melber shlit”a, worldwide posek and dayan in Yerushalayim, and founder of the Tahareinu organization. His lecture integrated the latest medical breakthroughs with practical halachah in the field of family purity. Participants from Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, and Monsey were wowed by the astounding clarity and resourcefulness of the solutions he presented. Represented in the crowd were rabbanim from a wide spectrum of kehillos, including BobovBoyanBelz, Ger, VizhnitzVienSatmarSkver, Pupa, Karlin-Stolin, and others... 

The next day a Yom Iyun was held in Lakewood, with a large crowd of rabbanim and dayanim. A similar asifah also took place last week in Chicago, and an asifah was held in Modi’inIllit the week before. Not long before these, there were gatherings for the rabbanim of Stamford Hill and Golders Greenrespectively. Additional asifos are set to take place in countriesthe globe.

Tahareinu is a unique organization. Its goal is to promulgate medical advancements and their halachic repercussions to those in a position to help build families in purity and joy. “No family should suffer silently,” says Rabbi Melber. New options are constantly becoming available, and spreading the most up-to-date research and medications enables more couples to turn their dreams into reality.

It’s a revolution, increasing purity in Klal Yisrael.

Tahareinu is backed by hundreds of letters of approbation and gratitude from rabbanim who know Tahareinu’s phone number and forward hundreds of callers for help. Some 5,000 requests are fielded monthly. In the last decade alone, more than half a million calls were assisted!

Those in the field of helping others in this area are encouraged to join the mailing list of Tahareinu’smonthly English newsletter, to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the world of reproductive medicine. It provides expert, helpful, and legitimate material that helps rabbanim and counselors be equipped to answer questions that arise. To sign up for the newsletter, please send an email to[email protected]. A Yiddish edition will be launching shortly.


In line with its goal of spreading the gold, Tahareinu embarked on a project to educate rabbanim and experts through an in-depth course. In the two years since its launch, more than 500 have spent dozens of hours acquiring the tools of refuah in halachah. The content is organized and clear, and has benefitted both beginners and experts. Beginners quickly became experts, feeling confident and prepared to further guide and educate. Experts with years of experience have learned many new concepts.

This year’s course, due to begin after Shavuos, is open for registration. The course takes place once a year, and lasts for half a year. It is a great opportunity for every community ravdayanchassan and kallah teachers to gain these vital tools. The material is relevant and practical, and participants discover new ways to provide effective guidance, rather than off-the-cuff suggestions.

In addition, this coming week, at the request of experts who were unable to attend the live gatherings, there will be a freephone/Zoom meeting, in which the latest innovations will be discussed. Recordings will be available for those who sign up. For details, reach out to Reb Tzvi Goldman at 347-291-1611or [email protected]



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