Hundreds Pack Heichal Hatefillah for Siyum Marking Completion of Sefer Shmuel I-II

It has become a major attraction for balebatim, and many others; the Sunday morning shiur in Nach, delivered by Rav Binyomin Eisenberger, shlit”a, every week. 

The shiurim have become known for the mesikus, the sweetness with which the Rov leads the participants along the journeys of our forefathers—with layers upon layers of aggadah and midrashim and meforshim. 

This Sunday morning marked a major milestone, as the shiur marked the completion of the entire Sefer Shmuel. 

The event drew hundreds of past and future participants who packed the Beis Medrash, celebrating this incredible acquisition of a part of Torah thag is often overlooked—looking ahead to the next Sefer.

Photos by: Sruli Klien

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