Junior Chef: Lag Beomer Fire

Junior Chef: Lag Beomer Fire

On this Lag BaOmer, let's gather around the flames and indulge in a bonfire-inspired treat that promises to ignite joy and delight in every bite.

You will need:

Round cookies

Wafer rolls

Chocolate cream

Red and orange fruit leather

Step #1: Smear chocolate cream all over the cookie

Step #2: Place 3 wafer rolls onto the cookie forming wood logs.

Step #4: Cut strips of the fruit leather and twist each strip from the bottom and place it between the wafer rolls

Minyanim at Shomrei Shabbos: Parshas Bechikoisai
  • May 25 2024
  • |
  • 9:29 PM

Weekly Weather: Clouds, Clouds, and Some Rain
  • May 26 2024
  • |
  • 9:05 AM

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