Legendary Linicks Toys Closes after a Century of Business in Boro Park

Legendary Linicks Toys Closes after a Century of Business in Boro Park

 By: Boropark24 Staff

 Boro Park's longest running toy store closed for business this week—saddening generations of Boro Park residents who recall a magical place where wishes came true for little children, and fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers would take them to shower them with gifts that they would cherish.

 One former “little girl” of 1980’a Boro Park recalls her father taking her to Linick’s to buy a cabbage patch doll, which she had until they moved homes. There are thousands of such people all over the world today, holding onto precious childhood memories, with Linick’s featured prominently among them.

 In an interview with Boropark24 close to two years ago Kopie Botknecht related how his father, Reb Feivel purchased the establishment which has been founded around 1910, not even intending to keep it as a toy store… but when he saw that it was profitable, he kept it. “It was a happy feeling, bringing joy to kids.”

 With the changing times, fierce competition from Chinese-made goods, Covid, and other factors—keeping the store open simply became daunting, and this week they made the weighty decision to close, after more than a century.

 But for tens of thousands of Boro Park natives, Linick’s will never really close; it will remain in their hearts as an everlasting place of childhood innocence and joy.

 Read the full interview here: https://www.boropark24.com/news/boro-park-snapshot-linick-s-toys

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