Leil Shishi – Motty Ilowitz & Yedidim Choir

Yanky Orlansky Presents

One night after singing at a Wedding we collaborated with Motty Ilowitz  over Shuli Rand song Oiker Hurim an the talented Motti rewrote the word on how we farbreng a Leil Shishi


Original song - שולי רנד - עוקר הרים

Composed by שולי רנד ואמיל קרויטור

Original Song https://youtu.be/OU2IQYU75p8

An FDD Production

Lyrics by: Motty Ilowitz 

Music arranged by by: Yehuda Galili 

Vocals recorded by: Yofeh Productions 

Choir: Yedidim Choir

Choir Arrangements: Yoel Hersh Fuchs

Mixed and mastered: V-Gold Beat Production 

Concept: Zevy Fried

Video Produced & Directedby: Lieby Weider -  Studio 62

Filmed & Edited by: Schwartz Brothers Media 

Location; Leil Shishi Monsey, NY

Food Prepared by: Leil Shishi Monsey, NY 

Special thank you to Shuli Rand and David Fadidia For permission to use the song

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