Listen To It: Reb Moshe Wolfson zt"l Asking to Say Tehillim for Kosover Rebbe

Listen To It: Reb Moshe Wolfson zt"l Asking to Say Tehillim for Kosover Rebbe

By Idy Perl

Reb Moshe Wolfson zt"l, who was niftar this past Motzei Shabbos, very recently spoke to his mispallelim about the Kosover Rebbe and the need to say Tehillim for his recovery.

BoroPark24 obtained a recording of Reb Wolfson speaking, which is transcribed here:

“Dear Yidden, 

We are all the obligation to beg the Ribbono Shel Olam for a refuah shelaimah for the Kosover Rebbe.

The Kosover Rebbe is mechazek the foundations of Yiddishkeit in America and is an address for people to seek answers and advice. He is oisek in ahavas shalom and bein adom l’chavairo, all in a hidden fashion. Yidden need the Kosover Rebbe. 

It says in the Gemara that if a Yid is ill and another Yid is not mispallel for him, he is considered a choteh, a sinner. But when it comes to a Talmid Chacham, one needs to pray fervently for his recovery, even to the point of becoming ill with concern..

We believe with emunah shelaimah that Hashem listens and accepts all our tefillos. Everyone should be misspalel and say Tehillim for the health and ariches yomim of the Kosover Rebbe. 

Hashem should help that the Kosover Rebbe, together with all of us, should be zocheh to the geulah shelaima b’meheirah.”

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