Man Accused of Plotting to Attack NYC Synagogues Walks Free

Man Accused of Plotting to Attack NYC Synagogues Walks Free

BoroPark24 Staff

Mathew Maher, 22, one of the two men accused of plotting to attack New York City synagogues, was let out on $150,000 bail on November 21, despite the prosecutor's request that he be held without bail for his role in planning to attack a New York City synagogue.

This was even after Assistant District Attorney Edward Burns argued that disturbing new facts about Mahrer, 22, were reason enough to keep him jailed. This included the fact that he bought a bulletproof vest before being arrested for carrying weapons and a Nazi armband linked to the alleged plot.

According to the New York Post, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Neil Ross warned that Mahrer must continue to appear in court — or his family would forfeit the bail money. 

After being released, Maher, who is allegedly Jewish and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, according to his lawyer, was sent to Elmhurst Hospital before returning to his family's Upper West Side Home. 

Christopher Brown,  the accused accomplice and a diagnosed schizophrenic, was charged with terrorist charges and was denied bail.

Photo Credit: New York Post/ Alec Tabak

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