Man Who Assaulted Jewish Woman Charged With Hate Crime

Man Who Assaulted Jewish Woman Charged With Hate Crime

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A Brooklyn man who threw a bottle at a Jewish woman and her children, while yelling anti-Semitic slurs, was charged with a hate crime Tuesday morning after weeks of work on the case by Shomrim and the NYPD . 

The assault took place on Webster Avenue near 47th Street in Boro Park on Friday, October 13, and footage obtained by Boro Park Shomrim clearly shows the entire incident. In the video, you can see the twenty-six-year-old crossing the street toward her Lyft ride with a pair of young children walking next to her.

An SUV stops near the Lyft minivan and starts yelling, "Dirty Jew, why don't you hold your kid's hand?" 

The SUV driver then throws an empty water bottle and other trash at the mother and children. When the Lyft driver throws the bottle back at the SUV driver, he gets out of the SUV, and they start fighting, shoving a fortunately empty stroller aside before the SUV driver throws a garbage can at the Lyft driver who uses the same garbage can to fend off the attacker. 

On Tuesday, the NYPD arrested Sean Hampden, a 39-year-old male from Sunset Park, charging him with two counts of aggravated harassment, one as a hate crime. 

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