Many will visit the Ohel in honor of Yud-Beis and Yud-Gimmel Tammuz

Many will visit the Ohel in honor of Yud-Beis and Yud-Gimmel Tammuz

By: Yitzy Fried 

On the heels of gimmel Tammuz, the yohrtzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, when thousands made their way to the resting place of the Rebbe in the Montefiore Cemetery in Queens, the ohel will once again draw large crowds this week. 

The visitor center is stocked with refreshments and seforim around the clock to welcome the crowds.

The occasion is the “Chag Hageula,”—the dates of 12-13 Tammuz, which mark the redemption of the Frierdiker Rebbe, Rebbe Yosef Yitzchok of Lubavitch, zy”a. 

The Rebbe famously continued to spread Yiddishkeit in Communist Russia—in utter defiance of the regime, and at great risk to his life. He was arrested and tortured, and his fate had been sealed to be executed. However, on 3 Tammuz, this had been commuted to a sentence of exile to a labor camp. 

On the 13th of Tammuz of 1927, the Rebbe received the documents authorizing his release from a sentence of exile to Kastroma in the interior of Russia. The Rebbe was actually notified of his release on Tammuz 12, but since that day was a legal holiday, the Certificate of Release freeing him to travel home was issued only the next day. 

Thus, the dual dates of 12-13 Tammuz is celebrated by chassidim, and on this occasion, thousands gather at the ohel to daven for yeshu’os at the gravesite of the ba’al hageulah.

The ohel is located at 226-20 Francis Lewis Boulevard, Cambria Heights, NY 11411. 

If you can’t make it in person you can send a kvittel to be placed at the Ohel by reaching out to 718-732-4545 or by visiting

In honor of Yud-Beis and Yud-Gimmel Tammuz, RebbeDrive has released a new interactive photo collection, documenting the life and journeys of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

The collection most notably highlights the Frierdiker Rebbe’s visits to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Detroit, St. Louis, Boston, Springfield and Lakewood.

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