Mayor Adams Backs the Blue by Calling the Cops who Fired Back, “Heroes”

Mayor Adams Backs the Blue by Calling the Cops who Fired Back, “Heroes”

By Yehudit Garmaise

After NYPD officers killed two men, in two separate incidents, who were firing on them on Saturday night, in his vehement defense of the cops, Mayor Eric Adams revealed that he really does Back the Blue.

On Sunday, Adams was asked whether the police officers were justified in shooting and killing Raul Hardy, 60, who was an armed Queens resident who called 911 on July 9 at 6:30 pm, before threatening to “blow the head off the first police officers that he saw,” “blow up the world,” and assassinate Gov. Kathy Hochul.

“Heck, yes!” was the mayor’s vehement response.

“That officer [and] that whole team did amazing jobs,” the mayor said yesterday about how they handled the perpetrator who swore at them and refused to remove his hands from his pockets, before pulling a gun on six cops. 

“[Those officers] ran toward the gun violence,” the mayor said with admiration. “Not too many people who are standing here and sitting here right now would run toward gun violence. 

“Because of those actions, people in that area went home, and the entire [police] team went home, and he [they are] heroes, and I thank [them] for the jobs [they] did.”

Not only did Adams say that the police have an obligation to fire on anyone who is threatening the public with violence, but he also said it was appropriate to send cops, as opposed to mental-health professionals, to the scene of a crime involving someone whom neighbors told the New York Post was, “clearly mentally ill.”

“It would be irresponsible if we would have sent civilians to respond to that,” the mayor said. “This gentleman [Hardy] was very clear on what his actions were going to be.”

An hour later, in Brooklyn, at 7:30 pm, police stopped a car at Nevins Street and Flatbush Avenue, where the passengers were asked to exit the car.

At that point, Malik Williams tried to bolt and was seen racing down Flatbush Avenue as an officer pursued him on foot. 

Near the Atlantic Terminal, Williams turned around and fired multiple shots at the cop, who returned the fire.

After he was hit in the chest, the perpetrator fell and later died in a nearby hospital.

“This guy [Williams] turns around and discharges a shot at that officer,” said Adams who praised the officer whom he said, “was able to discharge his firearm and terminate a threat. 

None of the NYPD officers were struck by gunfire on Saturday night.

“I stopped by the 88[th Precinct] to see our officer and just really thank him,” the mayor said.

“He’s a real hero.’’

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