Mayor Adams Proposes Gun Scanners at Port Authority Bus Station, Subway Stations

Mayor Adams Proposes Gun Scanners at Port Authority Bus Station, Subway Stations

By Yehudit Garmaise

Will New Yorkers soon be passing through airport-style security systems to be checked for weapons before boarding the city’s subways and buses? 

The day after a shooter, who is not yet apprehended, killed a 48-year-man on the Q-train, Mayor Eric Adams rode the D and 4 trains before telling reporters that he is “in talks” with state officials about installing weapon “scanners” at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the New York Daily News reported.

“We’re trying now to negotiate with the Port Authority to allow us to place scanners at the bus terminal because many of these guns are coming from the south into our city, so we have to stop the flow of these guns,” said Mayor Adams, who also spoke of police officers performing “spot checks” at bus and subway stations. 

Although the mayor has not yet described the types of “scanners” he would like to see at the Port Authority, he has for weeks similarly advocated for installing gun detection technology in the subway system.

Mayoral spokesman Fabien Levy said that “nothing is yet determined” from the mayor’s “ongoing” conversations with the Port Authority. 

Yesterday’s horrifying murder comes just six weeks after Frank James opened fire in a crowded N train, shooting 10 fellow passengers and injuring 23.

On Sunday afternoon, New Yorkers gasped, slumped their shoulders, and shook their heads after learning they could not board the Q line because of another shooting, the New York Times reported.

The mayor, who has said his crime-fighting agenda will take time to create real change, pointed out a slight drop in citywide shootings last month as compared to April 2021.

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