Mayor Adams to Provide After-School Care for Every Family on Wait List

Mayor Adams to Provide After-School Care for Every Family on Wait List

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams will provide after-school childcare for every Boro Park and Williamsburg family that has been anxiously waiting, sometimes for more than 10 years, for city-funded vouchers, Councilman Lincoln Restler (District 33) told BoroPark24.

“What the administration is doing now is clearing the waitlist by offering every single family that applies and has been waiting: the opportunity for vouchers that will pay for childcare from children’s current ages and will remain valid until they are 13,” Councilman Lincoln Restler said.

Mayor Adams is not only allocating funds to the thousands of heimishe families who have been waiting for vouchers for after-school childcare, but City Hall is creating a new MyCity web portal that will provide “a unified application process for all subsidized childcare options offered by the city,” the mayor said yesterday, while laying out the programs of his 2023 Executive Budget on Tuesday at Kings Theater in Brooklyn.

Mayor Adams announced that New York has committed $4 billion in funding for childcare in New York City childcare over the next four years. 

The $4 billion will go to “dramatically reduce the fees that eligible families currently pay for subsidized childcare.”

In addition to providing hugely discounted rates for working New Yorkers who need full-day childcare, the mayor added, “We're also ensuring that families who have been waiting for childcare get access to this critical support, and that families and communities with the greatest need will get priority.

“We have already begun reaching out to families on this city's childcare voucher wait list and plan to connect [with applications by mail] with every family on that list by September.”

“This investment in childcare vouchers is an absolute game-changer,” Councilman Restler said. “We are so fortunate that every single family who has been stuck on the waiting list will finally have the help that they need.”

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