Metropolitan Bank to Replace Rite Aid on 13th Avenue

Metropolitan Bank to Replace Rite Aid on 13th Avenue

By: Yehuda Alter

Rite Aid Pharmacy, which closed its doors on October 12, 2021, has been located on 13th Avenue and 51st Street for many years.

Today comes the news that—as is the story of so many retail locations on this business thoroughfare—the property will be replaced by… a bank.

The Boro Park Branch location of Metropolitan Commercial Bank was established Sep 10, 2008, and is one of eight branch locations operated by Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

Until now they have been located across the street, at 5101 13th Avenue, but their google maps profile already reflects their new, larger location.

According to a real estate website, the bank purchased the property for a whopping $13.2 million, which they likely see as a good investment for doing business in the Boro Park community.  

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