MTA to Offer Better Weekly Rates in Late February Through Spring

MTA to Offer Better Weekly Rates in Late February Through Spring

By Yehudit Garmaise

For frequent public transit users, hopping on the subway, bus, or train this spring will cost a little less per week, starting at the end of February, when weekly rates decrease for four months.

“If the pilot is successful,” Sarah Meyer, the chief customer officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, (MTA) said the agency “might extend it or make it permanent.”

On Feb. 28, all New York City public transit will extend weekend CityTicket pricing to trains that run during the week at off-peak times.

In addition, tiders who tap with OMNY, which stands for One Metro New York, will receive the best weekly fares, said the MTA, which added that riders who use their devices or cards to use OMNY do not have to pre-pay each week or track their progress.

Starting every Monday, customers use OMNY will be charged the standard $2.75 per ride for their first 12 trips, after which all trips through the following Sunday will be free. 

As a result, the MTA said, OMNY customers will not pay more than $33.00 per week, which is the current price of a seven-day unlimited-ride MetroCard, but they will get more rides.

“We’ve made it a priority to get creative on fares,” said MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber. “Bringing riders back to mass transit depends on three variables: reliability, safety, and price.

On Feb. 1, the MTA reported that the 2,626,443 New Yorkers who used public transit that day, are only 46.9% of people of rode public transportation before on a comparable day before the pandemic. 

OMNY solves customers’ problem of trying to decide whether to buy weekly unlimited passes or paying per ride, said Meyer, who explained, “With OMNY, they will always get the best deal: automatically.”

In addition, on Feb. 25, the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North will offer new 20-trip tickets and a 10% discount off monthly tickets.

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