New York DMV Implementing Plans for Mobile Drivers Licenses

New York DMV Implementing Plans for Mobile Drivers Licenses

by Mindy Cohn

By year's end, New York expects to become the tenth state to offer mobile driver's licenses to its residents.

According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, mobile driver's licenses (mDLs) are in the development phase for New Yorkers.

Mobile driver's licenses, or mDLs, are digital forms of identification. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators has worked on mDLs since 2012. Their standard is now being used by states who have implemented mDLs.

One concern about mDLs is whether a user's privacy is protected with the system and the pressure users will experience from the State to get an mDL even if they don't want one.

In some states where mDLs are used, drivers are still issued a physical license, and the digital version is optional.

Another concern is that adding an mDL to a mobile device might increase the risk of harm and exposure to personal information in given situations.

On the other hand, advocates of mDLs feel that the mobile option offers more privacy and security than physical licenses, especially since users can control how much information is provided when sharing their digital license. For instance, when confirming the age for an alcohol purchase, the mDL allows the holder to show their photo and confirm their age. At the same time, no other information needs to be displayed.

Once operational, government agencies, banks, grocery, and liquor stores, among others, will have easy access to an mDL verifier app. TSA will also utilize mDLs at airports.

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