News Sparks: US to Protest China’s Human Rights’ Violations; Federal Agencies Investigate Trump’s Media Company; and More

News Sparks: US to Protest China’s Human Rights’ Violations; Federal Agencies Investigate Trump’s Media Company; and More

By Yehudit Garmaise

US to Protest China’s Human Rights’ Violations in “Diplomatic Boycott" of Winter Olympics in Beijing

President Joe Biden considers China to be committing “genocide and crimes against humanity” with the country’s mass detention camps and forced sterilization campaign against Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities in the country's western province.

To express his protest against what are quite serious allegations, the U.S. will not send an official delegation to the Winter Olympic Games that will take place in Beijing, China, early in 2022, in what press secretary Jen Psaki said was a “diplomatic boycott.”

Sending prominent officials or public figures to the Olympics is a long tradition, with first lady Jill Biden leading a delegation to the summer Olympics in Japan in 2022.

President Biden’s announcement, however, stops far short of complete boycott of the Winter Games, as American athletes will still compete in Beijing.

The Chinese government responded with swift condemnation of President Biden's announcement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian, called “politically manipulative.”

The Olympics shouldn't be "a stage for political shows" and warning of "resolute countermeasures," said the Chinese government, which denied any wrongdoing in its record of human rights.

“We will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games,” said Psaki, who added that the American athletes have 100% of the support of the administration.

Financial Regulatory Agencies Investigate Merger of Former President Donald Trump’s Media Company

Financial regulatory agencies today are investigating the trading communications that may have taken place between the company that merged with “TRUTH Social,” the new media company of former President Trump.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are investigating whether stock trading or inappropriate communications occurred before the merger’s announcement, which would have caused the stock’s price to jump and people to buy it, potentially illegally, with insider knowledge. 

Max Rose Announces a Rematch against US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis in 2022

Max Rose, a Democrat, announced today that, in the Nov. 8, 2022 election, he will seek a rematch against US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R) to represent New York's 11th Congressional District: seat Rose lost after one term. 

Members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms, while senators serve six- year terms.

Some say that Rose lost the 2020 election after he marched in Black Lives Matter marches, therefore portraying himself as anti-law enforcement in more conservative parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn and wonder whether Rose will articulate a different position this time around.

Before the election, Malliotakis claimed Rose was in favor of “defunding” the police, a charged he denied, after participating in a racial justice march that followed the murder of George Floyd.

In a video released on Twitter, Rose said today, “The America we believe in is possible: one that is safe, affordable and fair. 

“All we need are leaders willing to risk it all to fight for it.”

(DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

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