NYC Silver Stars Program Provides Paid, Part-Time Jobs for Retired City Workers

NYC Silver Stars Program Provides Paid, Part-Time Jobs for Retired City Workers

By Yehudit Garmaise

While retirement may appeal to some workers, many people regret taking the step soon after punching out for the last time.

Work provides not only a paycheck, but interesting challenges, fun projects, a social community, and self-regard.

To help former city employees return to part-time work, the city has rolled out a new initiative called the Silver Stars program.

The new program provides former city workers with part-time jobs that supplement pensions with up to $35,000 per year plus benefits.

The new jobs, which typically last for one year, also give retirees chances to contribute their valuable experiences to the city’s workforce.

Jobs are now available in project management, customer service, and health care management within several city agencies, such as the FDNY and the Department for the Aging.  

Cynthia Murray, 67, a former NYPD dispatcher, now greets shoppers with welcoming smiles at the NYC’s official store across from City Hall. 

Murray, who retired five years ago after working for the NYPD for 28 years, told Pix11 that she is grateful to be back to work because she both missed people and getting a paycheck. 

Not only does Murray feel like she is making a difference every day, but with four grandchildren, the extra funds help this devoted grandmother to provide more for her family.

To qualify for the Silver Stars program, participants must be NYC residents and completely retired from city employment.

Readers can join the Silver Star program, by emailing [email protected], or by calling (212) 244-6469.

Photo: Flickr

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