Thousands Visit the Tziyun of Rebbe Aaron of Belz, zy"a

Thousands Visit the Tziyun of Rebbe Aaron of Belz, zy"a

By: Yehuda Alter 

With the yohrtzeit of Rebbe Aaron falling today, 21 Av, thousands from throughout Eretz Yisroel, from within the Belzer chassidus, and from without, are making the annual pilgrimage to his tziyun on Har Hamenuchos. 

It is not for naught that the Belzer Ruv has such wide appeal; as he was one of the primary figures in Eretz Yisroel during the postwar era, and touched countless souls. 

Born to his father, Rebbe Yisochor Dov of Belz, in the year 1880, he assumed the leadership of the chassidus in 1926--a period in which the chassidus grew and thrived. 

The story of his escape during the Holocaust is dramatic and miraculous, and he settled in Tel Aviv once he made it to the holy land. Here began the rebirth of Belz into the glorious empire of Torah and chassidus that it is today. 

The legacy of their holy Rebbe continues to loom large in the conscience of thousands of Belzer chassidim throughout the world, a legacy is especially reawakened upon his yorhtzeit, 21 Av.

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