Rav Meir Heizler, Rosh Yeshivas Kovno, to Spend Shabbos in Boro Park

Rav Meir Heizler, Rosh Yeshivas Kovno, to Spend Shabbos in Boro Park

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It has become an annual highlight that hundreds, if not thousands, of talmidim look forward to; the yearly visit of their beloved Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Meir Heizler, who has recently reopened his yeshiva under the name Kovno, in tribute to the great Slabodka-Kovno yeshiva that once thrived in Europe. 

Rav Meir is known by his thousands of his talmidim from throughout the decades for his deep wisdom that his only matched by his piety and Torah brilliance. Most of them remained talmidim for life, and constantly tune into the Rosh Yeshiva’s shiurim which are filled with wisdom and Torah hashkafah. 

This Shabbos, parashas B’ha’aloscha, the Rosh Yeshiva will spend in Boro Park, with all events taking place in and around the Satmar Kollel on 53rd Street. 

A highlight of the Shabbos will be the legendary Pirkei Avos shiur and the Shalosh Seudos Torah, for which many talmidim will be walking in especially from Williamsburg just to hear the Torah and  the brilliance, and to reconnect with the days of their youth. 

Rav Heizler has already begun to see his talmidim, of all ages, from throughout the decades, and long lines constantly form to greet him, in advance of what is sure to be a great Shabbos of uplift and inspiration for hundreds of Talmidim. 

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