Readers Write: Driven to Despair

Readers Write: Driven to Despair

Hi, I'm writing to all in despair,

Imagine that last night, it was your kid suffering a life-threatening medical episode. Or maybe it's easier to imagine it was your call to save that life, and you gave it everything you've got, raced to get your ambulance out of the bay, raised the bay door, gunned the engine, and then ... screeched to a halt. You can't move another inch. Some thoughtless buffoon is blocking the bay, while he runs inside somewhere nearby, too lazy to find an actual parking space so he can conduct whatever errand he thinks is more important than someone's actual life. 

What kind of person can be so completely unaware, so completely self-centered it never enters his mind that by saving themselves a short walk - he is threatening the life of another?

I plead with you, my fellow Boro Parkers- Don't block the box, and don't block the ambulance docks!! 

The same goes for our fire trucks who suffer the indignation of dealing with double-parked cars on a daily basis. 

Imagine it's your emergency! Your family member! Your house on fire! Your business burning to the ground! Your heart that needs restarting! And imagine this - by parking just a few blocks away, you'll do your heart, and everyone else's a world of good - one step at a time.  

Aron Hershko

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