Readers Write: Taking the High Road

Readers Write: Taking the High Road

Thanks for sharing with us the amazing news that we can expect 16th Avenue, from 49th to 60th Street, to be resurfaced this summer. 

But I would like to ask, what about 47th and 49th Street? The streets are so broken up there that it's actually dangerous for ambulances rushing towards Maimonides Medical Center to drive at the speed they shouldn't have to think about when it comes to saving lives. It's dangerous for the EMT's and paramedics and dangerous for the patient inside – not to mention painful to be bounced around like that. Even for regular car drivers, driving on such roads in our neighborhood is embarrassing, inconvenient and takes a hard toll on our vehicles.

Why not think about taking the high road and saving some lives this summer, causing less pain and heartache for all?

R. Shimonvitch

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