Repairs Begin on Ocean Parkway Bike Lane

Repairs Begin on Ocean Parkway Bike Lane

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All along Ocean Parkway, the promenade that connects Prospect Park to Coney Island, there is a five-and-a-half-mile bike lane that functions alongside the walkway and benches. Riders have complained for years about the broken-up lane that makes it dangerous and unpleasant to ride. 

Funding was provided to renovate the 19th-Century lane—the first protected bike lane in a city that now has them everywhere—back in the year 2019. 

At last, the city’s outside contractor has started work on one stretch of the lane—between Avenues R and X—but has neglected to provide a safe detour lane for the riders. 

Parks Department spokesperson Chris Clark said the current signs are temporary, and that the city plans to put up clear signage indicating a detour for riders as it goes about renovating the entire bike lane along Ocean Parkway. 

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