Shmily Steinberg - Vsechzenu live

Shmily Steinberg is a singer and kumzitzer well known for his heartwarming voice and special talent to bring in the crowd in a spiritual highness through music and song.

By a recent event Shmily decided to film this beautiful song to give you a little feel of a beautiful musical kumzitz.

Watch. Enjoy. Share. 

To book Shmily 

347 985 5961

[email protected] 


Originally Sung by: Zanvill Weinberger

Composed by: Pinky Weber

Keyboard by: Moishy Glick

Guitar by: Bery Glauber

Saxophone by: Menachem Friedman 

Percussion by: Isaac Bernath

Kids Choir: Shir Vshevach 

Arranged & Conducted by Chaim Meir Fligman

Music arranged and created by: Lipa Brauner 

Mix by: Yanky Cohen

Cover design: Yanky Heller / Arrangeit Media

Digital Marketing by ArrangeIt.Media / Motty Klein @ MusicOnTime

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