Shocking Footage discovered after Residents wake up to a Filthy Mess

Boro Park residents on 19th Ave and 50th St woke up this morning to a filthy scene. Garbage bags were randomly thrown around on the street hours after the sanitation department was scheduled to complete their routine trash collection.

After viewing the camera footage a shocking discovery was made. For some odd reason, a sanitation worker was seen throwing the trash bags in all directions instead of putting them onto the truck.

Neighbors were outraged at this incident and urged the community to report such findings in order to prevent them in the future.

Kalman Yeger and Community Board 12 both Tweeted in response to the incident:

Kalman Yager: These two @NYCSanitation jokesters need to be fired immediately. (footage courtesy of @BoroPark24 News.)

Community Board 12: We are shocked (not really) by this appalling behavior of a  @NYCSanitation worker. We have notified the commissioner and demanded that this worker be held accountable.

1:15 pm Update: Thankfully a chief sanitation employee was sent down to investigate the incident. 

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